Yankaria Business Communications

Mobile Apps

Yankaria Communicator Go 7 mobile application, enhances team collaboration, boots productivity, and improves business communication efficiency with advanced features, multi-platform accessibility, call controlls, integration capabilities and analytics.

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Desk Phones

Our business desk phones offer a cost-effective and efficient communication solution with features like scalability, mobility, integration capabilities, advanced call management and high-quality audio for enhanced productivity and customer interactions.

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Video Conference

Yankaria Communicator facilitates seamless video conferencing, promotion effective collaboration and communication amoung teams, clients and partners. Its user-friendly features optimize virtual meetings for enhanced productivity and engagement.

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Unified APP

Don’t worry about missed calls because other Yankaria users can leave you a voicemail. Listen to your voicemail messages on Yankaria Desktop or Yankaria Mobile App. Voicemail to email notifications is also included.

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Yankaria CRM Integrations

Yankaria integrate with several Customer Relationship Management solutions (CRM) to enable you support your customers. Some of our CRM integrated applications